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Baroque Blue 2022

BAROQUE BLUE: Ionian SeArt Residency

A sensory journey into the past and a return to the future

Santa Caterina and Porto Selvaggio Natural Park Reserve, Nardò (Lecce)

From 20 August to 01 September 2022

curated by Dores Sacquegna

Baroque Blue Ionian SeArt Residency is an art project signed by Primo Piano LivinGallery that sees protagonists in this first Italian edition, visual artists, musicians and performers and their curator Dores Sacquegna, in one of the most beautiful places in the Ionian Salento: Santa Caterina di Nardò, in the province of Lecce. In this scenario, the residents-adventurers will experience the art of coexistence, conviviality, group and personal work, living in close and deep contact with the luxuriant nature of the Porto Selvaggio Natural Park Reserve; they will immerse themselves in the fresh and regenerating waters of the Ionian Sea, they will visit the places of the Genius Loci, but also the prehistoric settlements that testify to the presence of the Uluzzian Man, the oldest Homo Sapiens in Europe.

A sensory journey into the past and a return to the future, with the creation of temporary works of Land Art, multimedia productions, installations, and performances. The common denominator of the site-specific works produced is the theme on Nature, as the nerve center and propeller of everything, as a powerful guide of one’s own growth path.

Their contribution will be that of the divine Child or sacred Guardian, with the ability to imagine, explore, research, create, with direct connections to the “Five Elements and the states of being“, to remember the impermanence of existence, the ephemeral, the importance of non-attachment to things, precious truths for our earthly path of evolution.

An art project of TOTAL ART that combines contemporary art in its infinite mediums and disciplines and the cultural and natural Heritage of the place that hosts them. Their history in the land of Puglia will begin on 20 August, which will end on 1 September with a calendar of events from 18:30pm until late at night and which sees the exhibition of the works created by the eleven residents on site: the French artists Nancy and Philip Barwell, the British artists Katy Connor and Fio Adamson, the Norwegians artists Ragnhild Sollid and Birte Pedersen (based in Ecuador); the Dutch artist Marijke Uittenbroek, the Americans artists Vanessa Albury, Dena Haden, Kyle Anthony Rotelli and the Greek artist and researcher Polyxene Kasda.

The evening continues with the interventions of their Italian colleagues and artists including Massimiliano Manieri, with the performance “Amplexus Nunquam, or the man who was never embraced” and the thanksgiving ceremony to Mother Earth with the project “The Earth talks: our archetypes “, with a group and ritual performance on the “5 elements”, represented, in order of appearance by Polyxene Kasda for the WATER element, through a rite of ablution, by Rose Sacquegna for the FIRE element, a symbol of transformation and purification , by Maria Amanda Stefanelli for the EARTH element, with the construction of a sacred circle “The earth listens”, followed by the prayer-oration of gratitude for life, for art and the cosmos, by the performer Paola Crisostomo for the element of AIR, and finally the ETHER, the fifth element of the cycle that begins and ends the event under the supervision and direction by Dores Sacquegna. The performance is accompanied by the sound incursions by the flutist Roberto Gagliardi and by the percussionist Francesco Perrone, from the banquet of libations / offerings and involves all the artists and the invited audience. Primo Piano’s mission is to create a new model of sustainable environmental, cultural and sensorial usability.

Info and place of the events | +39 349 37 20 659 | +39 371 5103572


Santa Caterina di Nardò (Lecce) – free entry





Norman Swabian Castle – Mesagne (Brindisi)

from 21 to 30 May 2022


The contemporary art exhibition FEMINAE VIRTUS by the Italian artist Angioletta De Nitto opens on Saturday 21 May 2022 at 7:00 pm, at the Norman Swabian Castle of Mesagne, curated by Dores Sacquegna. In addition to the artist and the curator, the Mayor Antonio Matarelli, the cultural consultant Marco Calò, the president of Micexperience, Pierangelo Argentieri will be present at the inauguration ceremony. The event has the patronage of the Mesagne’s Municipality  (Brindisi).

The exhibition – The contemporary art exhibition by artist Angioletta De Nitto will take place in the prestigious exhibition rooms on the first floor of the Norman Swabian Castle of Mesagne, who after several years returns to exhibit in her hometown and in the setting of one of the most beautiful castles of Apulia Empire. With FEMINAE VIRTUS, the title of the exhibition curated and reviewed in the catalog by Dores Sacquegna, the artist exhibits nineteen canvases of recent pictorial production, through a symbolic and conceptual investigation of female virtues and states of being. This is an exceptional preview in the subject and in the theme and which – through the formula of an ethical fairy tale – invites the user to reflect on their absolute potential.

With a hyper-realistic painting, which distinguishes her from her contemporaries, Angioletta De Nitto, represents nineteen metaphorical talismans of our present, zoomorphic figures that interact with the frescoes of the Castle, spiritual entities and social identities, creating a bridge between past and present, between colors and Zen evocations, between conscious and unconscious. Well contextualized with the medieval scenic venue of the castle, the works such as “La nostra Maschera/Our mask” in which the pressures of the Id are perceived, followed by “ Trionfo di energia/Triumph of Energy”, created following the technical structure of the sacred geometry of the feminine and “ La luce della volontà/The light of the will ”, of Renaissance matrix, with the pyramidal system towards the top. Works, which investigate the world turned to women but also social demands to achieve self-determination.

The “bestiarum” that animates the canvases continues with works such as ” Apparente Dualismo/Apparente dualism” and “Ravvedimento di rinascita/Repentance of rebirth”, with archetypes and guiding animals. The theme of Death is exorcised by rebirth to fully understand and integrate the very meaning of Life with works such as “Immortalità/Immortality”. Between physical nature and cosmic energy, between masks and behaviors of love, other works of this unprecedented series reveal the masks and truths of every human action, in the duality between good and evil. A research that goes beyond the fairy tale and arrives at environmental issues such as “Urlo salentino/Salento Scream“, or on the hostilities of cyberspace with “Viaggio nel tempo/ Time  Journey”, up to the most current issues related to the pandemic period and the war in Ukraine with “Rispetto/Respect” that it closes this cycle and is an invitation to respect each other’s cultural, social and individual diversities.

Feminae Virtus, by Angioletta De Nitto, is a journey of life, faith and hope, which is pictorially manifested with ethical-value and behavioral messages, to reflect on human existence and to improve experiential and social life. The adjoining rooms host a small selection of previous works including Meduse Cosmiche, Vicende, Uno di noi. On display is the FEMINAE VIRTUS catalog published by Locorotondo Editrice di Mesagne (, with a critical text by Dores Sacquegna and considerations by Angioletta De Nitto.

The artistAngioletta De Nitto (1963) was born in Mesagne, where she lives and works. She graduated in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce, she collaborated as a restorer for the Superintendence of Archaeological and Artistic Heritage of Taranto. Since 1996 she has exhibited regularly nationally and internationally in group and solo exhibitions, biennials, art fairs in Italy and abroad including Greece, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Sweden. Her permanent collections including: Gergeri-Rouvas Art Gallery (Crete Island, Greece), a project curated by Dores Sacquegna; MAP Mediterranean Museum of Present Art of Brindisi (Italy). In 1996 she is one of the finalists of the Mondadori Art Prize.

The exhibition was made possible thanks to the municipal administration and the following sponsors:

Palazzo Virgilio ( and Tenuta Moreno (

FEMINAE VIRTUS by Angioletta De Nitto

Norman Swabian Castle, noble floor exhibition rooms

Via Castello, City of Mesagne (Brindisi)

From 21 to 30 May 2022

Days and times: 9: 00-13: 00 am/17: 00-22: 00 pm

(Monday morning closed) Free Entry



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