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Latin American Artist


Palazzo Vernazza Castromediano, Lecce (Italy)
From 12 to 30 May 2017

Opening Ceremony Sunday 14th May at 18:30

1Visionary Art Show  is the only one in the world Contemporary Art Exhibition & Show all together and  has the attributes of a Biennial and the set direction and script as a Visionary Film.

V.A.S. is founded by Dores Sacquegna –  artist,  curator and collector  – three important aspects that make the art project highly qualitative and interdisciplinary sense and this offers a unique vision for the visitors and the final buyer’s point of view.

Organized by Primo Piano Special Project with Primo Piano LivinGallery,  V.A.S. takes place across all three floors in the exceptional setting of the PALAZZO VERNAZZA-CASTROMEDIANO in Lecce,  Italy.

The venue, with its elegant environment with museum-quality spaces of ‘500 Century architecture, is centrally located in the design and fashion district of the old city and is very well known by our target market. The Visionary Art Show main aim to provide a fun and exciting platform for people to gain access to, increase their knowledge of fall in love with, and buy art – and our offering continues to attract and  appeal to both existing art buyers and new collectors and also to discover new artistic talent.

Further info visit website VISIONARY ART SHOW or drop a line to


04 The field of flowers and resistors 2ART ADVISORY

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E’ CARTA! Mini Contemporary Papers in Italy

E’ CARTA! Mini Contemporary Papers in Italy

2 aexhibition  (11-25 February 2017) Spazio Mantegna, Milano

1  exhibition (October 2016  – January 2017) Cassina De’ Pecchi (MI)

The human expression through paper artworks, despite receiving limited recognition nowadays, dates back centuries, including drawings or paintings, engravings or     watercolours. We believe this form of art deserves much better attention, because paper it’s a live thing that perfectly captures the emotions one wants to express.  The small form of the paper sheet enables great concentration on the part of the artist and put him in close contact with his authentic, intimate technical and conceptual possibilities.

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Iside and the Wunderkammer of fertility

palazzo vernazza1From 2th to 9th March 2016
Interdisciplinary  art project of visual art, sound and contemporary performing
PALAZZO VERNAZZA – Vico Vernazza, 8, Lecce, Italy
Days & Hours:
From Thursday to Wednesday 17:30-20:30h pm
Tel: + 39 349 37 20 659
Opening Tuesday 2th March at 18:00h pm

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